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Date: Tuesday, 16 February 2010 12:42 (UTC)
girlanachronism: an animated list of reason why I no longer have an appropriate icon (Default)

I am in your brrraaaiiinnsss...

I know, and it's gorgeous that he's so "why was I even hired? Seriously, I think it was a mistake, let's gloss over it, eh?"

I would be so happy if he took over. Well, you know, sad, Jon was gone, but...Even though he's one of the youngest, I don't knoow if anyone but Sam has been there longer. (It's funny, neither of them are American, it would really switch up the dynamic if they took over...)

Also, the cutest thing is in more than a couple of interviews the interviewer has referred to him as the 'head daily show correspondent' and my god is he vehement in denying that. "We're a group of equals, I swear!"
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