Thursday, 10 June 2010

chatananas: fanmix (FANMIX: bird turntable)

Yeah, I'm not getting any better at this Photoshop thing.

Medium: Real people
Fandom: American politics
Subject: A little musical story about President Obama getting elected, having kind of a hard time, and receiving support from his personal attack dog, Rahm Emanuel
Title: Cuts You Up
Warnings: None

Notes: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.

lyrics and download link this way )