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Jewish cowboys

You don't have a problem. You have a solution you don't like.

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Name:Chat Ananas
Location:Montréal, Canada
I love nachos and new friends, so don't be shy.

Interests (45):

bay street, beige, bruce springsteen, canada, cardcaptor sakura, cello, créations inventées, east york, fanmixes, fluorescent beige, français, french, heavy-handed christian symbolism, heroes of epic stories about loosers, hunting for poptarts, jewish cowboys, jian wang, john stewart, jon daily, jon stewart, jon/"stephen", king street, koalas, la vitesse tue, listening to dance crap from the 90's, maria bamford, montréal, noam chomsky, poutine, public transportation, queen street, sad springsteen songs, social democracy, stadium rock, stephen colbert, the 90's, the colbert report, the daily show, the daily show with jon daily, the grapes of wrath, toronto, toronto-danforth, tracey, vanilla pwps, yogurt!
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